Massage Therapy
Katrin Fink, LMT

Katrin Fink, LMT

 22 Years Experienced Massage Therapy and Certified Life Coach 

Certified Professional Life Coaching in Portland, Tigard, Lake Oswego OR

What is Professional Life Coaching?

Professional Life Coaching is a powerful partnership that helps you move forward with goals and life changes much faster than doing it alone. While counseling helps to heal and address the past;  coaching helps you take practical steps forward.   Coaching addresses the mind, creating new perspective and actions steps which help you achieve your desired new life experience.  A life coach is also an accountability partner helping motivate action and change. Most people find that change happens much more quickly after hiring a life coach.

Types of Professional Coaching Available

*Personal Life Coaching

Are you going through a life transition or challenge?  Would you like to feel more empowered and less stressful?  Do you want more joy, a clearer sense of purpose, and greater freedom for your life?  Consider personal life coaching to help you move forward!  

Benefits include:

  • Increasing Wellness
  • Defining Strengths and Clarifying Purpose
  • Learning skills for balancing life and work
  • Co-creating new choices and action steps
  • Facilitating Self-Empowerment for life transitions

*Therapeutic CoachingCombining Personal Life Coaching with Craniosacral Therapy

  • A comprehensive avenue for creating lasting changes and healing on a deep level that addresses body, mind, and spirit.

(For more information see Craniosacral Therapy page )

*Business Coaching for Healing Practitioners

  • Supporting Massage Therapists and other wellness practitioners in building a successful business.


If you are ready to move forward, achieve your goals, live in alignment with your truest self, have greater freedom and live with a clearer sense of purpose then don't hesitate but take action today!  

*Coaching can be done in person or by phone or zoom call.  You don't have to be local to be a coaching client.